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Our office has dedicated itself to helping immigrants and entrepreneurs from all over the world to improve their legal situation in the United States. We implemented state-of-the-art technology for case management and to facilitate client communication. We are exceptionally responsive to client needs. We look forward to working with you!


Serving Worldwide Clients


Located in the Silicon Valley, near Downtown San Jose, our law office is committed to the highest standard of legal professionalism and ethics. Having the required competence and skills, we are confident that we are the right choice to handle your immigration case successfully and to your fullest satisfaction. No matter what legal issue you are facing, we can help you sort out the best solution for your immigration needs. 


Having someone fully familiar with government immigration procedures assisting you will help avoid potential problems and delays in helping you receive the immigration benefits you qualify for. You will not need to decipher government regulations and communicate with the government agencies, we will do that for you! We can help you submit the appropriate documentation for your case and handle the process with as much efficiency as possible. 




We speak Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Turkish, Farsi, German, Azerbaijani, Assyrian, Assamese, and Amharic.  


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We assist with all types of family and business immigration issues, including lawful permanent residency (obtaining your green card), citizenship, and nonimmigrant visas.


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We created a list of helpful links related to immigration matters, including immigrtion community organizations, resources of immigration petitions in process, and relevant governmental organizations.


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